BREAKING: Body Found is Teenager Sought in Murder of Nia Savage

MOBILE, AL (WKRG) -- News 5 has confirmed through multiple sources that the body found in Dog River this morning is the 15-year-old sought in the murder of teenager Nia Savage.

The male body was discovered near the litter trap in Dog River around 7:30 a.m. by a city worker coming to check the status of the litter trap. The area is near the intersection of Navco Road and McVay Drive.

Multiple family members and community members are being told that the body is that of the teenager connected to Savage's death.  Mobile Police said in a press release that it is a possibility.

News 5 spoke to one family member who says the young man's mother and grandmother came to the scene to identify his body.

"Two guys came up to me and said his Mama and his Grandmama identified...I said what his name they said ManMan and I knew then it was him," his step-aunt Debra said.

It is unknown how long the body was in Dog River before being discovered, but it could provide insight as to why Mobile Police have been unable to find the teen in the eight days since the murder.

"A whole week and I'm thinking what happened, why even... if he was scared? We was thinking if he did it he was just afraid to come home but after- I felt like after three days of him not coming home because I know him and his mother they real close he would have at least came home and said 'mama, I made a mistake we were playing with the gun and it went off and I was scared. That is why she is so devastated because we thought maybe he was somewhere just scared to come home but after this weekend and I told my children if he don't be found by this weekend either he's done something to himself or somebody done did something to him," his step-aunt Debra told News 5.

Savage was killed in a shooting near the intersection of Crenshaw Street and Senator Street on Valentine's Day. The sophomore at B.C. Rain High School was rushed to USA Medical Center with severe injuries but did not survive.

Mobile Police says Savage was killed with a gun stolen from an unlocked vehicle at a Mardi Gras Parade. Investigators said they were actively searching for a 15-year-old -- labeled as a person of interest by police -- who may have been present for the shooting.

After the body was discovered Wednesday morning, Mobile Police activated their homicide response unit and their flotilla units.

A spokesperson for Mobile Police says it is too early to tell if the discovery becomes a homicide investigation.

The area where the body was discovered is frequently visited by fishermen.

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