Badly Decomposed Body Found in Car Hidden Behind Bay Minette Dentist's Office

WKRG Staff - BAY MINETTE, AL (WKRG) -- A badly decomposed body has been discovered inside a vehicle that seemed to be purposely hidden in Bay Minette.

Multiple local law enforcement sources tell News 5 that the vehicle was found behind an old dentist's office building in Bay Minette on Thursday.  The building, located at 112 West 3rd Street, is less than a block away from the county courthouse.

The vehicle the body was found in was covered by a tarp, the source said, presumably to keep the body and the vehicle hidden from plain sight.

The discovery was made within the last several hours.  We are yet to hear of a timetable to when the body could be identified, though it might be an extended period of time due to the degree of decomposition.

Acccording to the Baldwin County District Attorney, Robert Wilters,  they have an idea of who the person is, but cannot confirm anything until they investigate more.

A county employee, who parks in the parking near the old offfice, tipped the city of Bay Minette off about an odor coming from the area. A city employee then opened the tarp and saw the body, calling the police around 3:15 in the afternoon, says Wilters.

The body may have been in the car for several days to a week based off of how decomposed it was.

The body is being transported to Mobile Department of Forensics for an autoposy tomorrow, the car will be sent to South Baldwin for further investigation.

The investigation is being handed over to the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office.

Acccording to the BCSO Captain Steve Arthur, they are working the scene as a crime scene until they can determine the sitation otherwise.

Arthur urges anyone who may have any information to call BCSO at 251-937-0202  and ask for an investigator.


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