Baldwin Deputy Cleared in Deadly Shooting

BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) -- The video begins with Jonathan Victor's wrecked SUV in the median of Interstate 10. It was taken by a motorist stopped in traffic. The audio comes from deputy Matt Hunady's body camera.

"He's coming over the seat," you hear a few seconds in. Medical personnel had reported Victor was combative when they first arrived. "He refused to get out of the car, refused to make eye contact, refused to have any communication," says Captain Jud Beedy with the Major Crimes Task Force that conducted the five-month investigation.

As Victor exits the vehicle he appears to be in a shooting stance, pointing towards the officers as if he has a weapon.

"Drop what's in your hands," you can hear Hunady order. Victor continues to move towards the officers. Another command, "Do not advance," and still Victor moves forward.

As the seconds tick by, the deputy orders Victor to drop what is in his hands a total of 8 times, not to advance or stay put 5 times and to "put down" whatever is in his hands 9 times.

Victor was struck four times by the deputy's AR-15. He was airlifted to a local hospital where he later died.

It was later determined Victor did not have a weapon. Instead, he had wrapped his hands in a fanny pack and windbreaker. An autopsy also revealed he had the drug ketamine in his system.

Hunady is back on the job. Efforts to contact Victor's family in Louisiana were unsuccessful.

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