Baldwin County Deputy Resigns After Allegations of Overtime Abuse

WKRG Staff - BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) -- A deputy with the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office has resigned after allegations surfaced that he lied on his time card and abused overtime.

The Baldwin County Sheriff's Office is conducting an internal investigation into Sergeant Carl Griffith.  According to the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office, allegations against Sgt. Griffith were brought forward that he abused overtime and falsified his time card.  An audit is underway to determine how much money was falsified.

Griffith may have to reimburse the county for any abused time. He may also face prosecution by the Baldwin County District Attorney's Office. 

Griffith worked for the Civil Division but resigned on November 20 before the investigation could be completed. The Baldwin County Sheriff's Office claims the violations only occurred in the year 2017 and there is no evidence to suggest other deputies were involved.

Sgt. Griffith was a 22-year veteran of the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office.

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