Armed Robberies on the Rise in Baldwin County

Early Thursday morning, it happened again. A man wearing a Halloween mask enters the Kangaroo convenience store in Bay Minette with no intentions of buying, only taking.

"A gentleman wearing a skull mask came in, a black male, came in and asked the cashier for all his money and was told not to reach for his button if he did he would get his head blown off," says Cpl. Robert Gates with Bay Minette Police.

Surveillance cameras capture the entire crime. "The cashier did what he was supposed too. Just went over, opened the drawer and backed up and the offender took several different bills and took off out the door," says Gates.

The robbery in Bay Minette is the latest in what seems to be a rash of armed robberies. One week ago a store in Stapleton was the target. This time the masked intruder never tried to hide his gun as he took as much cash as he could pocket. He is still on the loose.

Three weeks ago, it was the Dollar Tree that was hit. It's happening more and more and police believe they know why. "You're getting towards Christmas time and people are concerned about money and having money issues and work issues and so, unfortunately, they choose some bad avenues to take," says Gates.

Three crimes in three weeks. Police hope they can find the men responsible before someone else becomes a victim.

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