Africatown Bridge Challenge Gets Running in Mobile

Mobile, AL (WKRG)

It was a warm day for a race.  Hundreds of people took part in the inaugural Africatown Bridge Challenge.  The first annual run allowed joggers to sprint back and forth across the Africatown Bridge overlooking the industrial businesses that line the Mobile River.  Organizers say they had more than 300 people sign up.  They said they wanted to help raise the profile of this community that's rich in history.

"Well the idea basically came from looking at what we had available around us, new opportunities so we make a new move forward we look at things that haven't been done before so we can grab more attention," said Race Official Michael Mitchell.  Proceeds are meant to benefit the Africatown Community Gardens and the Africatown Marketplace.  Africatown is where the survivors of the last African slave ship to come to America made a community in the mid 19th century.  

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