Acts of Kindness for Florida Refugees

(WKRG) -- In preparation for the serious storm that would ravage Florida, many people took heed of the warnings to evacuate before Irma made landfall.

Many refugees fled to our area and we've seen many acts of kindness for those who are staying here.

One post from Christine Reyes said that everyone was so welcoming in Daphne. She said that once she and her family checked into their hotel at the Comfort Inn and Suites they went to the Chick-Fil-A across the street.

"As soon as we got here we had to wait to check into our hotel at the Comfort Inn and Suites in the Chick-fil-A right across the street told us there was an elderly lady that comes there every day that donated a ton of gift cards for those fleeing from Irma. They handed us $20 in gift cards! "

After that, she went to the Publix to give her dogs some water and food and within minutes someone pulled up and handed her cash.

Another person reached out to us to share that people from First Methodist in Jackson, AL had "gone all out" for the Florida evacuees. The church gym was open for the kids to play and people brought in food.

Even other churches in the area, including Antioch Baptist, brought in food to help FUMC to feed everyone.

The city of Jackson owns camp grounds on highway 177 and has allowed people to stay free.

"Our small town has filled all the motel rooms too, people are taking food and donations to the motels for the people!"

Sunday we reported that the Baldwin County community came together to support those feeling Hurricane Irma.

Locals worked together to make bags of groceries for evacuees to take home with them, where they may encounter many hardships.

Additionally, the community is hoping to send evacuees home on a full tank of gas.

Commissioner Chris Elliott posted on his Facebook page asking anyone willing to donate a $25 gas card or cash gift card to do so.

The Baldwin County Cattle and Fair Association is accepting the gift cards at the Coliseum.


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