A Tale of the Beached Dragons in Gulf Shores

The gulf waters are full of strange and wonderful things and every once and a while it reveals one of its secrets like this, Blue Dragon Sea Slugs.

"I'd never seen one," says beachgoer Joe Hodges, "and I've seen just about everything else down here."

They are usually found in the open ocean and rarely seen in the Gulf of Mexico. "I grew up on these beaches, close to 50, never seen anything like that before. So, I was really curious as to what it was."

Half a dozen or more were found on West Beach in Gulf Shores. "It was blue. First, I thought it was a piece of plastic or something and I was going to pick it up and put it in my trash bag but then I realized it was some type of marine life," says Hodges.

The creatures survive by eating the tentacles of Portuguese Man O War and just like the Man O War, rely on currents and the wind to get them where they are going.

For a brief time, those waves and winds brought the dragons to Gulf Shores for a glimpse of something not normally seen around here. That lives, just beneath the surface.

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