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3 Detained for Breaking & Entering, Theft Investigation

Fairhope Police arrested three young men for their involvement in a breaking and entering theft.

19-year-old Ethan Huaf, 18-year-old Resse Lipscomb and a 17-year-old are in custody.

Police say Lipscomb broke into an unlocked truck in the 20000 block of Lawrence Road and stole a Glock .40 caliber pistol, a TOZ brand .22 caliber rifle, two custom made knives, cash, and a bag of ammunition on Wednesday.

The next day a routine traffic stop led to the arrests. An officer pulled over a Nissan Sentra. When he approached the vehicle, he smelled marijuana and saw a partially smoked blunt in plain view. He then asked the driver and the two occupants to exit the vehicle while he conducted a probable cause search. The officer discovered the stolen Glock and one of the custom knives reported stolen on Wednesday. All three occupants, Huaf, Libscomp and the 17-year-old were detained. Fairhope Police also searched Huaf's residence and found the stolen rifle.

Huaf is charged with possession of marijuana, 2nd degree, and receiving/possessing stolen property, 2nd degree.

Lipscomb is charged with breaking and entering of a motor vehicle (for the theft on Lawrence Road), receiving/possessing stolen property, 2nd degree, and possession of marijuana, 2nd degree.

No charges have been filed against the juvenile at this time, but that may change as police continue their investigation.

The Fairhope Police Department strongly urges citizens to lock their vehicles at night and cautions that firearms should never be left in a vehicle overnight.


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