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6:54 A.M. - Updating your Wednesday morning commutes, we are moving along well still on the bay-way and Causeway and so far that's been the theme thankfully no problems along the Eastern Shore and through both tunnels moving along smoothly Mobile police in Alabama Highway Patrol reporting no access to begin your morning commute. No areas to tell you to avoid and we're looking good right now along the Panhandle according to Florida Highway Patrol and Pensacola Police.

6:35 A.M. - Updating your Wednesday morning commute, we're moving along pretty well on the Bayway and Causeway right now. Still accident-free through the tunnels. Mobile Police cleared their earlier accident and no new trouble spots. Looking good through the downtown area as traffic volume begins to pick up there in West Mobile as well. No problems through Baldwin County and both Pensacola Police and Florida Highway Patrol telling us no accidents they're working on the Panhandle.

Mobile County

Baldwin County

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