Kidnap Victim Recounts Ordeal, Daring Escape

A woman taken from her car at gunpoint said her kidnapper told her she would never see her kids again.

The incident happened Wednesday morning. Police say 29-year-old Richard Batty walked up to the victim pointed a gun at her demanding that she get out of her car and into his.

"He started telling me that ‘he was done playing with me and everything and that he was going to be the last thing I seen and that today was going to be the day that I died," said Brandy Mason. "Then he told me to get in his car but I refused to, so he started choking me so at that point I agreed to get in his car."

Batty is Mason's ex-boyfriend. The two have an infant child together.

Mason said he drove her around for about 5 minutes before she jumped out of the car as he was turning. Mason ran to a nearby gas station and called 911. She had a few scrapes and bruises but no serious injuries.

Batty was arrested Thursday and charged with kidnapping, domestic violence, violation of a protection order, marijuana and possession charges, and carrying a pistol without a permit.

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