Head of Trump's Advance Team Is Proud Mobilian

There's one man you will see in the middle of all the action at every Trump rally and event. He's an important part of the campaign.

"My company is based in south Florida and I was asked to go to New York and produce his announcement," says Gigicos.

George Gigicos deals with event management and design, public relations, and media affairs.

"It's a blast. I joke that I build stages for a living," says Gigicos.

But don't let him fool you, he does way more than that. And best of all, he was raised right here in Mobile, attending school at UMS-Wright. Even participating in a mock United Nations. And today, he's experiencing the political world first-hand.

"I've been very blessed and privileged to be able to do what I've done, I've been all over the world with presidents and cabinet secretaries and have gotten to see and do a lot of things that not many people get to do."

George is only one of four original team members who have seen this from the beginning to the end. But this isn't his first stint with the presidency. Right out of college he worked for President George H.W. Bush as a political appointee at the Treasury, and as head of the advance team for all eight years with President George W. Bush.

"It's absolutely amazing to see democracy in action."

Gigicos says he was quite taken with Trump during their first event together June 2015 and knew he would win the presidency.

"And the fact was really driven home, in fact, when we came to Mobile. It's not so much what he said. I like his policies, but I also like and know the man and have a great respect for him and what he's accomplished with his life and the kind of father and husband he is."

And so this Greek-Orthodox man from Mobile has had a front row seat to this very unorthodox election cycle and continues to be an important link going forward.

"It's great, look, we have the most amazing staff in the world. I'm honored to have played a very small part in all of that," says Gigicos.

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