Florida Home Invasion Results in Resident Death

UPDATE 4:25pm:

The male deceased victim has been identified as 26-year-old Sedrick Marshawn Williams of Georgia.


Freeport, Fla— Early Saturday morning the Walton County Sheriff's Office responded to a stabbing in a reported home invasion.

The home invasion occured on Loop Circle in Freeport which resulted in the death of an unidentifed man.

The encounter began with dogs barking, alerting two residents that there was someone at the front door.

Upon opening the door, one of the residents said they were attacked with a bottle by a suspect who was trying to enter their home.

The physical altercation ultimately resulted in the death of the man.

Where-abouts of the suspect is not known at this time, nor the condiiton of the other resident.

The male victims identity will be released once his family is notifed.


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