Flooding Destroys Homes in Frisco City

Clean up started early Tuesday on Norris Avenue. Most homes managed to stay dry on the inside but outside looked a lot different just a few hours earlier. Residents say the heaviest rain came on Monday, the last of a three-day rain event.

In another part of town, an apartment was flooded near East Avenue. Inside that apartment a bunch of soggy blankets could found. They were used to try to soak up extra water. Andrew Bailey is just starting the cleanup after five inches of water came into his home.

"Probably one thing at a time," said Andrew Bailey, tenant of flooded apartment. "Like carpet and everything, it's all going to have to come out, couches. Almost everything that was floating on top of the water yesterday is, is gone."

Andrew said nothing major was lost in the flood. Even after losing many things in the flood, he was thankful there were no damaging winds or tornadoes.

Frisco City got more than ten inches of rain in three days. If that doesn't seem like much, consider this...The wettest month in Mobile for 2016 was March. In thirty-one days Mobile got 10.2 inches of rain.

For Frisco City, that ten inches had nowhere to go in some spots. The gutters that travel underneath roads were blocked. City crews at Andrews home tried to break it free but all they dug up was asphalt chunks. The city did finally clear the drainage pipe, helping the apartment water recede.

"We'll look at it in the future about fixing that part of the culvert, so the water can drain and flow that way," said Allen Lang, Frisco City Mayor. "But we've never had that much rain here before."

And it's rain like that, they hope not to see soon again.

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