EXCLUSIVE: New Surveillance Video Shows Disturbed Man Trying to Board School Bus

It is a normal day on an Escambia County school bus. No students on board, but the driver and her assistant, taking the bus back to the depot Monday morning. They were on Mobile Highway, when all of a sudden a man ran to the bus knocking on the door. The surveillance cameras on the bus recorded not just the images but the audio, including the bus driver's voice.  "Look at this man," says the bus driver. A man is running in the middle of the street."What's wrong with him?," says the driver.

It wasn't clear at first, but then the bus driver heard what the man was saying. "Call the police I've been shot," says the deranged man.

"Huh?," says the bus driver.

"Call the police I've been shot," the man says again.

The man says he's been shot, and needs the police. The driver and bus assistant try to remain calm and call dispatch for help but then, "There's the police right there, they passing right by him," says the bus assistant. Surveillance cameras on the bus captured the incident from several angles, but another video, captured from across the street at the waffle house shows a different vantage point.

That cell phone video has gone viral on social media, with more than 79 thousand shares. The man in the video was arrested in less than thirty seconds. The man was not shot. He was detained under the baker act, meaning he suffered some sort of mental break down. An Escambia County school transportation official tells us, they are thankful students were not on the bus and the driver followed protocol.

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