Vandals Trash Business Days Before Grand Opening

To say Victoria Ransom and her husband spent a lot of time on refurbishing the Linksman Golf Club is an understatement.

"My husband and I have been out here working for about three months and between all the people that we've had volunteering and helping us and family members, we've been spending about 7 days a week, eight to ten hours a day," says Ransom.

The first thing you notice is the front windows knocked out and glass crunching under your feet.

As you make your way inside, you see graffiti on walls and the furniture. The letters "SSK" and the number six sprayed on each table.


Moving onto the bathroom, things only get worse. The sinks are gone, and in the second bathroom vandals took a hammer and smashed everything including the toilet.

"And then they also had one of the handle cross bars from one of the doors that it looks like they were beating stuff with."

Breaking the toilets then caused a flood in the entire space, leaving this indoor putting green and the area around it more like a pond. Ransom and her husband had just finished getting things ready for their grand opening this coming Tuesday.

The kids who did this left their signature—SSK—the South Side Kings. They also vandalized a car in the nearby neighborhood.

"We were heartbroken this morning. It hurts because it was my husband's dream, he loves golf. We are already business owners in Mobile, so we do have a company that we depend on, but this was his dream. And to have all that work gone in one night, it's heartbreaking."

At this point, Ransom isn't sure if insurance will cover everything. The family has set up a Go Fund Me account here:


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