Accused killers arrested for other crimes while out on bond

It has happened six times in the last 18 months in Mobile County

Mobile, Ala (WKRG) - In the last 18 months, six accused killers in Mobile County, have been arrested for other crimes while out on bond awaiting their murder trials.

One is Christopher Logan who is accused of shooting 17-year-old Jacob Thomas at a gas station on St. Stephens Road. Thomas was a student a Mary G. Montgomery High School.

“He was just a happy, go lucky kid,” says his mother Karen Knapp.

“He loved to be around family, fishing…,” adds his aunt Amanda Carter.

It’s still difficult for Jacob’s mother and aunt to talk about Jacob and what happened to him, especially since Logan bonded out shortly after the crime and has been free since, despite a subsequent arrest for robbery and another for drug possession.

“It’s not fair at all,” said Knapp. “Especially with a murder charge. How can you just keep letting this person out? It’s not like he went into someone’s house and stole their purse. This is murder.”

Not only is Logan still free, so too is one of his alleged accomplices, Fabian Russell. Russell failed to show up for a court appearance. There’s now a warrant for his arrest.

And Logan and Russell are not unique. In the last 18 months, six people arrested for murder in Mobile County have committed other crimes while out on bond. Two have failed to show up for their court proceedings. Some still remain free.

One was in court last week. Jesse Lane is charged with breaking into 19 cars, burglary, receiving stolen property and fraudulent use of a credit card.

All the crimes happened while Lane was out on bond for killing a man on Halloween, 2016 and burning his body in a car in Prichard.


Eric Toomer was charged with murder for his role in the death of a 68-year-old woman a year ago this month. While out on bond, he was arrested and later convicted for threatening to kill a couple with a tire-iron outside their home on Old Pascagoula Road in Grand Bay.

“The victim’s families are never happy when their family member’s murderer is out on the street,” said Assistant Mobile County District Attorney Keith Blackwell. “We’re not happy either.”

Blackwell explains, however, that unless a suspect is charged with capital murder, a judge has to set bond for accused killers. Blackwell  says changes are needed in the law.

“Either legislatively, or coming down from the Alabama Supreme Court, they need to give our judges more discretion to deny bond in a case like a murder,” he said.

In the meantime, though, with accused killers like Christopher Logan free on bond, murder victims’ families struggle to understand the system.

“I’m sick to my stomach about it,” said Knapp.

“I worry about other people,” added Carter. “What if what happens to Jacob happens to someone else?”

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