City of Saraland Works to Stay on Top of Continued Flooding Risk

Saraland city crews spent the day clearing storm drains after heavy rain Saturday created flooding. The city doesn't often have flooding issues.

"We have a handful of homes in Saraland that do have drainage issues and we're constantly working to try and improve the conditions," said Dr. Howard Rubenstein, City of Saraland Mayor. "But this was just totally out of the ordinary."

How out of the ordinary? Nearby Mobile Regional Airport broke their daily rainfall record in just a few hours. It took less than three hours for Saraland to receive more than 7 inches of rain.

With more rain expected over the next few days, the city has already put emergency crews to work.

"We've got city crews on standby to help with any streets that need to be closed. We are opening up our safe room which is our shelter," said Dr. Rubenstein.

The mayor says no one should ever have their house flooded, however they are ready to do evacuations if need be in the next few days.

Driving through Saraland today, you could find city workers helping cleanup but they weren't able to get everywhere. Some Saraland residents were still disappointed with the limited City help. Some wanted more drainage pipes cleaned. The mayor says there are long term plans in the works to help fix that.

"We've realized that the retention pond may very well be an issue," said Dr. Rubenstein. "We're trying to gather information right now on the exact area that flooded. We're going to have our city engineering people take a look at this and say ‘What can we do?'"

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