Budweiser is on a mission to bring beer to Mars

CNN - (CNN) – The race is on to become the first beer provider on Mars.

Yes, you heard that correctly, Budweiser wants to be the first beer on Mars and it's launching 20 barley seeds into space to secure its spot.

Barley is one of the key ingredients in beer.

Anheuser-Busch joined forces with the Center for Advancement of Science in Space on the project.

These seeds will hitch a ride on the Space-X CRS-13 cargo mission to the International Space Station.

Once the barley makes it to space, it will stay in orbit for a month before being brought back down to earth for Budweiser's team to analyze.

The group will conduct experiments to see how barley seeds react to the environment.

The goal is to find out how to create beer on the red planet.

The Space-X launch is scheduled for Friday.

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