State Attorney: Escambia County, FL officer involved shooting justified

WARRINGTON, Florida (WKRG) The State Attorney's office says an October shooting involving the Escambia County Shreriff's Office was justified. Demetric Carter was injured in the shooting. The office says the investigation is now closed.



WARRINGTON, Florida (WKRG) - Details provided in the arrest report of Demetric Denario Carter offer a glimpse into the events that led to Escambia County Deputies shooting him Friday morning. According to the report, Carter entered the Warrington Bank around 9:00 Friday morning and told one of the employees to call the police "because he didn't want to take anything out on them."  The report continues that he asked the teller to have police "meet him on the back road behind the bank."

When Deputy Patrick Roberts arrived in the area, he began looking for Carter and identified a person matching Carter description on Commerce Street. When Deputy Roberts approached Carter, he began to walk away from the deputy "concealing his hands from view", according to the report.  Deputy Roberts repeatedly ordered Carter to stop and show his hands, to which Carter refused to do and stated to the deputy "I have a gun."

Two more deputies, Crista Pope and Ronald Busbee arrived at this point, according to the report, and both also ordered Carter to stop and get on the ground.  The report then details the tense moments leading up to the shooting:

"Dep. Roberts advanced towards S/Carter and advised him he was going to be tased if he did not if he continued to refuse to comply.  S/Carter began to walk towards Dep. Busbee, refusing to stop and get on the ground as ordered.  As S/Carter walked towards Dep. Busbee, Dep Roberts observed a black in color handgun, protruding from the right rear pocket of S/Carters' pants.  Dep. Roberts then activated his taser, striking S.Carter, at which time S/Carter reached beneath his jacket with his right hand and grabbed the firearm, which he had concealed in his right rear pocket.  As S/Carter fell to the ground he began to fire his firearm in rapid succession towards Dep. Roberts, Dep. Busbee and Dep. Pope causing them to fear for their lives and return fire, striking S/Carter numerous times until S/Carter dropped the firearm."

According to an arrest report from the Escambia County Sheriff's Office, Carter is charged with three counts of attempted premeditated murder and one count of illegal possession of a firearm because he is a felon. Under these charges, Carter would be subject to life in prison, or possibly the death penalty, if convicted by a jury.

According to the report, Demetric Carter was transported to Baptist Hospital and was immediately taken into surgery for multiple gunshot wounds.  There is no word on his current condition.


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