10-Year-Old Dies in Fort Morgan After Struck by Beachfront Log


The Baldwin County Sheriff's Office identified the 10-year-old killed by a large log in Fort Morgan Wednesday. The young boy is Nolan McCabe from St. Louis, Missouri.

McCabe was in town with his family for a vacation on Fort Morgan.


News 5 is learning the tragic details surrounding the death of a 10-year-old Missouri boy in Fort Morgan, Alabama.

According to the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office, the young boy walked outside the beachfront condo his family had rented in Fort Morgan. The boy's father, who is on vacation with the rest of the family from the St. Louis area, was attending to his other children outside near the water outside the beachfront property.

A huge wave crashed into an enormous beach log, causing it to barrel towards the boy.  The boy was struck in the head, resulting in severe facial injuries. We're told the boy's skull was crushed by the log.

"The boy's father was outside but several feet away attending other children and noticed a huge wave was coming ashore heading toward the log and his son," said Captain S.K. Arthur in a press release.  "The wave hit the log knocking the log into and over his son."

Emergency crews, including a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter, responded to the scene at Ponce De Leon Court, but the boy died at the scene of his injuries.

"The boy was taken inside the condo and the father and a witness attempted to resuscitate the youth and called for medical assistance. The Fort Morgan Fire Department and Med-Star Ambulance arrived and attempted resuscitation but their efforts were unsuccessful. The young man was declared deceased at the scene."

Officials have repeatedly warned everyone to stay out of the water as Tropical Storm Cindy draws closer to the Gulf Coast.

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BREAKING: News 5 has confirmed that the 10-year-old child has died of his injuries.  The circumstances of the accident are still unclear at this time (11:30am).

FORT MORGAN, AL (WKRG) -- Emergency crews are rushing to Fort Morgan, Alabama for reports of severe injury to a 10-year-old boy.

A U.S. Coast Guard helicopter is en route to the remote location south of Mobile Bay, where early reports say a 10-year-old boy suffered severe facial trauma after wind caused an object to topple on top of him.

The initial call was for a possible drowning. We heard that a child had to be pulled from the water due to severe facial injuries.

News 5 will update this story with any new developments. We have a team heading that way.

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