Police tell parents and students to "stop the rumors" about school threats

ROBERTSDALE, Ala. (WKRG) - Ever since the school shooting in Parkland, Florida that left 17 people dead, there have been numerous threats made across the country, including here on the Gulf Coast. Law enforcement agencies are taking them all very seriously, because the last thing they want is another mass tragedy.

But there have also been a lot of unfounded rumors that have escalated to the point of causing a great deal of concern in our local communities.

Robertsdale Police say those kinds of rumors need to stop.

The department released a statement on Thursday addressing unfounded reports of a threat related to Robertsdale High School. Parents who heard the rumors contacted News 5 this week, saying they heard a student had brought a gun to school.

Again, police say that was not the case — it was just a rumor. There was no gun, and there was no threat.

So, while police stress that they will continue to take all reports seriously, they're asking students and parents to do their part by not spreading rumors.

Here's the full statement from Robertsdale Police: 

There are an enormous amount of unfounded rumors going around about a threat related to Robertsdale High School, Wednesday, Feb. 28. Robertsdale Police investigators spent the day yesterday on this matter and found nothing but hearsay and rumors. We are asking students, parents and others in the community to stop the rumors. As always, if you have a concern notify law enforcement. But once we have looked into the concerns, all of us need to put the talk to rest and move on about our day.


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