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Pace man killed in boating crash remembered as hunting and fishing ambassador

Stockton, AL (WKRG) - Today marks two weeks since one man was killed and another man was seriously hurt in a boat crash in north Baldwin County.  The crash near Live Oak Landing in Stockton happened during a fishing tournament.  Wayne Cox of Pace Florida was killed and Lee Grandquest of Semmes was seriously hurt.   

The day before Easter was supposed to be another peaceful fishing trip for Wayne Cox and a friend.  Cox’s wife Lisa said she knew something terrible happened as soon as she saw a picture of his boat pop up on social media.  

"I knew that was the boat he was in, I knew, I didn’t want to know I didn’t want to believe it," said Lisa Cox.  In their 19 years of marriage, she says the two shared a bond over hunting and fishing.  It was a bond worth sharing.  Lisa Cox said her husband loved hunting and fishing so much he became an ambassador of the outdoors

"He enjoyed more being able to locate spots to put me in so I might have that chance to kill that big buck that was his thing finding the right spot for everybody else," said Lisa Cox.  She says she and her husband were both enjoying the outdoors that day.  He was on the water and she was hunting.  

"Called him on the phone and I was like 'hey I missed you' he was at one store and I was at the other, he said 'I didn’t see you either' we had a good conversation the last thing I said was I love you go catch them and have a good day," said Lisa Cox recalling the last phone call they had that day.  "Hold your loved ones close and do the things you want to do don’t wait, don’t procrastinate I feel like I can say I have no regrets."  

Instead of a family fundraising page--Wayne Cox’s widow is asking people to donate to charities designed to help kids experience hunting and fishing.  One is the Catch a Dream Foundation and the other is the C.A.S.T for Kids Foundation.  

A family member reports that Lee Grandquest, the man who had to be airlifted to the hospital from that crash, was released from the hospital yesterday.  That family has set up a fundraising page.  State officials have yet to release a report detailing what they believe led to the collision.  

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