Baldwin County

Fort Morgan trash pile continues to grow

FORT MORGAN, Ala. (WKRG) - Just feet away from a sign that warns of illegal dumping, a pile of debris near Veterans Road in Fort Morgan continues to grow.

Furniture, toys, beach gear and construction material make up the pile of garbage.  While News 5 was on site, several motorists slowed to yell a "thank you" for shedding light on the problem.  One of those motorists was Horton Bateman who says the sight "disgusts" him.  "There's no reason to throw this stuff on the side of the road you take it to the dump," and once one pile of trash has started others feel it's okay to add to the pile.

No less than two dozen signs are positioned all along the 22 mile stretch of road warning of a $500 dollar fine for illegal dumping or littering.

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