Enhanced security measures coming to Baldwin County campuses

BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) - Getting into Fairhope Middle School isn't like it used to be.  Anyone wanting to enter has to be buzzed in, camera's show folks inside the school who's outside and you have to have identification.  "I feel a little safer," says Principal Angie Hall. "Anything can happen but we feel a little bit safer." 

Safety measures like the ones at Fairhope Middle will soon be in place at all Baldwin County school campuses, along with school resource officers, panic buttons, and a single point of entry into the building.

"We always thought that our campuses would be a place where people could come and enjoy," says Superintendent Eddie Tyler. "Get an education, not have to worry about things in the outside world but the outside world has come to our campuses "

Daphne High School is also ahead of the game and students like seniors Daniel Goergen and Corey O'Neal say they do feel safer.
"It is helping make more of a fortress and making it less of an easy target," says Goergen.  "We have a plan. I know that plan so, I feel very safe," says O'Neal.

City, county and state funds will be used to pay for the enhanced security. For Principal Angie Hall, it's money well spent.  "If we are going to put money into anything, our children can't be educated without feeling safe."

Some of those safety features are already in place, more are being installed now. Enhanced security features at all campuses should be finished by fall.

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