Byrne Calls President's Derogatory Remark Distraction

Robertsdale, Ala. (WKRG - Republican Congressman Bradley Byrne heard from Baldwin County residents in his 98th Town Hall meeting in Robertsdale.

Several people were concerned about the newly passed tax reform bill and the Children's Health Insurance Program.

Before the meeting began, however, Byrne reacted to the latest controversy involving President Trump where the President used a derogatory word to refer to some countries that have large numbers of citizens attempted to immigrate to the U.S.  

Byrne said he's disappointed that talks about immigration are going on with the administration and members of Congress when the government could run short of funds in just a week.  Byrne said he was not at the meeting when the derogatory remark was reportedly made.

Byrne said the issue is a major distraction from what the focus of legislators should be and that he says is reaching a deal on funding the government, including the Children's Health Insurance Program that benefits some 85 thousand Alabama children.

Byrne says he believes a deal will be reached.  Answering questions about the tax reform bill and how it could impact those who own small businesses. The Congressman said small businesses would see the biggest tax cut since the depression, and would probably benefit from it more than anyone.

One small business owner told Byrne he pays 37 percent in taxes each year.

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