Attorneys Speak Out About Escambia County Jail Settlement Case

PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) -- There are over 300 pages filed in the settlement suit that is asking for 17 point 5 million dollars, that effects over 600 people who were here that night the Escambia County jail exploded.

Attorneys with Michles and Booth are going over paperwork recently filed in the class action suit and settlement in the case involving the jail explosion in Escambia County.

Over 600 people involved in the lawsuit including the families of the two inmates who were killed, along with corrections officer Michael Hatkinson who was paralyzed in the incident.

"People were killed, people were worried that they might die inside the jail, it leaves an emotional scar," says Adrian Bridges, attorney in settlement case.

"Trying to put a value on a man or a woman and the lost of life in a failed concept, so the best we can do is come up with compensation as ideas," says Marcus Michles, attorney in settlement case.

And that compensation is about 17.5 million dollars, but if granted by the court, it could still take months before families could see a penny, and if a settlement happens, they hope it will compensate people for what they lost after the blast.

"People who broke their arms, people who have had to have surgery because of shoulder and back injuries, but there are also the emotional claims of people who have suffered from post-traumatic stress injuries," says Bridges.

Now, the firms have to go through each claim, but it saves the court from dealing with hundreds of trials.

"The defendants in offering their money, are saying look, rather than being subjected to 400 trials, they are willing to say hey let's craft a resolution," says Michles.

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