American Bald Eagle rescued by Good Samaritan dies

PENSACOLA, FL (WKRG) --- An American Bald Eagle lost its life on the road to recovery after being hit by a car earlier this month in Pensacola.

Dorothy Kaufmann, a spokesperson with the Wildlife Sanctuary of Northwest Florida, Inc, confirmed that Lucky passed away due to liver damage from toxicity.

Lucky went into the sanctuary's care after being rescued by a man who spotted the eagle near death in the middle of the road nearly two weekends ago.

Kaufmann and volunteers were not sure what Lucky's prognosis was the first time News 5/CW55 spoke with them, but they ensured the sanctuary was taking exhaustive measures to keep the eagle alive.

Kaufmann also said that they will not be commenting again on animals in their care due to "hate and caustic comments" following and associated with the event.

Wildlife Sanctuary of Northwest Florida, Inc. is a non-profit wildlife hospital that takes in injured and orphaned wildlife.

Earlier this month, viewers became familiar with Lucky after the video of her recovery went viral --- nearing 200,000 views along on the WKRG Facebook page alone.

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