Alligator Sighting Closes Park

No cars pulling up to the gates, no one setting up a picnic table, and no swimmers at the Krul Lake in Munson Florida.

It's a ghost town after someone alerted lifeguards to an alligator in the lake Saturday.

"I thought it was a joke at first," says lifeguard Walter Jagiski.

It was no laughing matter; what they saw were two baby gators, and it's what happened a few hours later that had swimmers running to their vehicles.

"A bigger one ended up swimming up towards the ropes, a couple of hours later because people were going down there to check it out, and I guess mama got upset and started swimming up towards the ropes," says Jagiski.

They believe that the gator is about 6 feet long. As a precaution, rangers decided to close the lake, causing the park to lose big bucks for a holiday weekend heading into summer vacation.

"I hate turning people away, but for everybody's safety-- if something were to happen that would be terrible," says lifeguard Billy Ganzalez.

"We would normally have 300 people in the water right now, and we are losing a lot money this weekend because of this," says Jagiski.

For now, signs are posted and only the walking trails are open.

Gator traps have been set on the property to catch the alligator.

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