4-month-old attacked by raccoon inside home

WCMH Staff - PHILADELPHIA (WCMH) – The family of a Philadelphia four-month-old baby was attacked inside her home.

Four-month-old Journi Black is now on a long road to recovery, KYW reports. Doctors say it will take her at least a year to fully recover.

"It's just ridiculous," said Samuel Black, the girl's father. "My daughter could have lost her life."

My daughter was laying on the bed sleeping and I went to take my son to the bathroom. We heard a sound upstairs and we see a raccoon run down the steps," said Ashley Rodgers, the child's mother. "When I finally got to her, she was laying on the floor so it had dragged her off the bed, across the room, and she was bleeding and crying and her whole face was red."

Rodgers only moved into the home days ago, along with Journi and her six-year-old son. She said she spotted the raccoon earlier in the day.

Rodgers said the landlord told her that he had chased the raccoon out after it was reported.

The family says they intend to pursue legal action.

"It is his responsibility. There's no reason an animal should have gotten into the house with minors," Samuel said.

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