#1 AGAIN: "Best Weatherman Ever" Alan Sealls Topples Reddit for Fourth Time with "Ask Me Anything" Chat

MOBILE, AL (WKRG) -- Chief Meteorologist Alan Sealls is so popular, users on Reddit want him to start his own weather channel on the internet.

Sealls responded directly to those inquiries Tuesday evening on News 5 at 6:00.

"I have an announcement, I'm going somewhere," said Sealls, tongue-in-cheek, with a dramatic pause in front of the weather wall. "Tonight I'm going to bed, I'll be back tomorrow."

The questions came to Sealls in a Reddit "AMA" ("Ask Me Anything" thread) on Tuesday that quickly rose to Reddit.com's number-one overall position.  It's the fourth time in the last week that Sealls, declared by Reddit users as the "Best Weatherman Ever," toppled the web's most popular news aggregation website.

Sealls received thousands of questions relating to everything from broadcast meteorology, to philosophies on hurricane forecasting, to his favorite pizza toppings. After the thread quickly went viral yet again, WKRG's Chief Meteorologist stayed on Reddit beyond the scheduled hour to answer more than 150 questions.

To read the thread, visit Reddit here: https://redd.it/6zoy5o

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