Hayley Minogue

Hayley Minogue

Hayley Minogue is an award-winning digital journalist for News 5, hailing from the Bluegrass State. 

Hayley is enthusiastic about reporting local news, acting as a watchdog and voice for people who need a platform.

Hayley began her journalism career in Hazard, Kentucky, where she was an anchor and reporter for the great people of Southeastern Kentucky. During her time in the mountains, Hayley reported on stories that ranged from bareback donkey basketball (ask- she has the pictures!) to corruption in school board politics, including a GED scandal. Her efforts led to an investigative journalism award from the Kentucky Associated Press in 2016.

Hayley is a proud University of Kentucky alumna (C-A-T-S!) and Louisville, Kentucky native.  She loves watching sports, hanging out at the Gulf Coast’s craft breweries, eating chicken nuggets, chasing adrenaline, and taking spontaneous weekend trips.

Make sure you check out Hayley’s social media pages, and reach out to her!  She loves to hear what you like, don’t like, and your story ideas. You can email Hayley at hminogue@wkrg.com.

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