Mardi Gras parade honors New Orleans' tricentennial

This is the 300th anniversary of the Louisana port city.

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - The first of thousands of Mardi Gras revelers are heading into New Orleans' streets to cap off the Carnival season with parades and merrymaking.
The 300th anniversary of this Louisiana port city will feature prominently in Fat Tuesday's baudy festivities. Rex, New Orleans' oldest parading Carnival group, will have 21 floats commemorating the Crescent City's first century.
Rex is one of two major parades rolling Tuesday. The other is Zulu.
The state holiday climaxes a two-week Carnival season, which draws about 1 million visitors and pumps about $840 million into the city's economy, according to the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau.
The family party along the parade routes generally ends after Tuesday's parades, but the French Quarter's rowdier Mardi Gras continues until midnight, when a wedge of mounted New Orleans police officers clears the streets.

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