Killing time between parades

Mobile, AL (WKRG) - A handful of early risers put together tents and make sure their spots are secure.  After that is a lot of time to yourself.  Mae and her sister are taking selfies at Mardi Gras Park.  Their family came here from Tennessee.  They were some of the first people to claim a spot along Royal Street just after dawn.  They had plenty of food for the day.  

"Hot dogs, hot links, potato salad, baked beans, you name it we got it, we come here to party today, we’re going to cook and eat and wave and have a good time," said Gwen Johnson with an enthusiasm that's rare for seven in the morning.  As you walk along the parade route you never know who you’ll meet or how far they had to travel to get here.  Lorraine was hanging out with friends from around the Midwest.  

"Well, I already opened up a beer and I don’t know what time it is, I look at all the weirdos, including myself," said Lorraine Purlein from Idaho.  Whether your stake your parade spot claim with caution tape or a cadre of pals, there’s one way a lot of grown-ups kill time.  

"Drink!" exclaimed Deb from Chicago with a hearty laugh.  "[Also] get educated on all the history of Mardi Gras in Mobile.  

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