Is this the last Mardi Gras season for RV City?

Mobile, AL (WKRG) - For nearly 20 years RV City has been a haven and a temporary home away from home for dozens of Mardi Gras revelers.  Will 2018 be the last year for it?  One of the founders, Peggy Jimenez, says it comes down to when ALDOT begins construction on the I-10 overpass under which RV City sits.  We've been talking about RV City having to close due to construction since at least 2015.  It’s not clear if 2018 will be the last year.  

Peggy Jimenez and her husband started this by petitioning the city of Mobile to find a place to park campers near the parade route.  She says she’s sad to see it go but also ready to close up shop too.

"Kind of relieved because we’ve been doing it for 17 years it is a business, it’s a lot to do for the first ten years we donated our time and for the last seven year, we’ve been paid employees of the civic center," said Jimenez.  Others I spoke with say they’re sad to possibly see this place go away.  They say it was a good safe place to walk to and from parades and get a break and recharge during the festivities.  

"I really like walking over the parades and not having to fight the traffic afterward so you get time with your family and friends and you don’t get stuck in traffic," said RV City resident Barbara Solomon.  

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