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'Beads for Doughnuts': Krispy Kreme collects beads for doughnuts
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Man shot along New Orleans parade route dies
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Mobile Mardi Gras: WKRG spreads the word across the nation
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Local artist incorporates Mardi Gras beads

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2018 Parade Schedule

Saturday, Jan. 13

 1pm - Krewe de la Dauphine (Dauphin Island)


Saturday, Jan. 20

 1pm - Town of Dauphin Island Parade (Dauphin Island)


Friday, Jan. 26

 6:30pm - Conde Cavaliers (Mobile, Route A)


Saturday, Jan. 27 (Senior Bowl)

 2pm - Krewe of Riviere du Chien <kids> (St. Andrews Loop)

 2pm - Order of the Rolling River (DIP)

 2:30pm - Bayport Parading Society, Mystic DJ Riders (Mobile, Route A)

 6:30pm - Pharaohs, Order of Hebe, Conde Explorers (Mobile, Route A)


Sunday, Jan. 28

 2pm - Krewe de la Kids of Heron Lakes <kids> (Heron Lakes Circle)


Thursday, Feb. 1

 6:30pm - Order of Polka Dots (Mobile, Route A)


Friday, Feb. 2

 12:30pm - Mystics of Ashland Place <kids> (Lanier Avenue)

 6:30pm - Order of Inca (Mobile, Route A)

 6:45pm - Apollo's Mystic Ladies (Daphne)


Saturday, Feb. 3

 10am - Hickory Ridge Kids Krewe <kids> (Timberly Circle)

 2pm - Mobile Mystics, Mobile Mystical Revelers, Mobile Mystical Friends (Mobile, Route A)

 6:30pm - Maids of Mirth, Butterfly Maidens, Krewe of Marry Mates (Mobile, Route A)

 6:45pm - Knights of Ecor Rouge (Fairhope)

  Navarre Beach, Fla Mardi Gras Parade


Sunday, Feb. (Super Bowl)

 2pm - Mystics of Children <kids> (Rosswood Drive)

 6:30pm - Neptune's Daughters, OOI (Mobile, Route A)


Monday, Feb. 5

 6:30pm - Order of Venus, Order of Many Faces (Mobile, Route A)


Tuesday, Feb. 6

 6:30pm - Order of LaShe's (Mobile, Route A)


Thursday, Feb. 8

  10am - Order of Impalas <kids> (St. Ignatius Catholic School)

  6:30pm - Mystic Stripers Society (Mobile, Route A)


Friday, Feb. 9

 6:30pm - Crewe of Columbus (Mobile, Route A)

 6:30pm - Mystical Order of Mirams (Orange Beach)

 6:45pm - Maids of Jubilee (Fairhope)

  Krewe of Lafitte Parade (Pensacola)


Saturday, Feb. 10

 11am - Foley parade (Foley)

 11am - Krewe of Kids <kids>, Krewe of Goats, Prichard Carnival Association (Krewe of Goats Prichard route)

 Noon - Floral Parade, Knights of Mobile, Mobile Mystical Ladies, Order of Angels (Mobile, Route A)

 Noon - Mystic Revelers (Bay Minette)

 2pm - Krewe of Mullet Mates (Mullet Point)

 6pm - Mystics of Pleasure (Orange Beach)

 6pm - Mystics of Time (Mobile, Route A)

 6:45pm - Shadow Barons (Daphne

    Pensacola Grand Mardi Gras Parade (Touted on Visit Pensacola as the HIGHLIGHT of the Season)


Sunday, Feb. 11 (Joe Cain Day and Oscars)

 2pm - King Elexis I Motorcade (Mobile, Route E)

 2:29pm - Loyal Order of the Firetruck (Daphne)

 2:30pm - Joe Cain Procession (Mobile, Route A)

 5pm - Le Krewe de Bienville (Mobile, Route A)

Krewe of Wrecks (Pensacola)

Monday, Feb. (Lundi Gras)

 Noon - King Felix III, Floral parade (Mobile, Route A)

 1pm - Prichard Mardi Gras Association Parade (Prichard)

 3pm - MLK Business and Civic Organization, MLK Monday Mystics, Northside Merchants (Mobile, Route D)

 6:45pm - Order of Mystic Magnolias (Fairhope)

 7pm - Infant Mystics, Order of Doves (Mobile, Route F)


Tuesday, Feb. 13 (Fat Tuesday)

 10am - Gulf Shores Parade (Gulf Shores)

 10:30am - Order of Athena (Mobile, Route A)

 12:30pm - Knights of Revelry, King Felix III, Comic Cowboys (Mobile, Route A)

 2pm - Orange Beach Parade (Orange Beach)

 2pm - MAMGA Mammoth Parade (Mobile, Route B)

 6pm - Order of Myths (Mobile, Route C)