Escambia County Neighborhood Watch Program Sees Crime Reduction

Linda Warrick and her Diamond View Neighborhood watch team head out to patrol the streets near Scenic Highway.

"Just being out there, being visible and setting our parameters has made the biggest difference," says Diamond View Neighborhood Watch President Linda Warrick.

The group uses just a few simple tools to fight crime.

"Log book, flashlight, all the equipment in here; we've got the amber light, we keep a flashlight for night patrols," says Warrick.

Before neighborhood watch team here began, Ronald Bennett says there was a real problem.

"This street alone, we had 8 burglaries and 3 attempted burglaries in about 3 weeks time," says neighborhood watchman Ronald Bennett.

The Diamond View Neighborhood watch team says they are seeing a difference, and that helps them stay motivated to keep patrolling.

"This area, we patrol is like an island of tranquility, we still have problems, but I know of three drug houses we gotten rid of," says Bennett.

It's an investment of time for this group, it doesn't cost them a lot of money, but they say the effect they have here is priceless.

"We basically keep this whole area, around here fairly neutralized without any crimes or anything, we haven't had any big crimes or anything, every once in a while we get break in's," says Wesley Warrick.

The sheriff's office is thankful for the extra set of eyes.

"The biggest thing is that, it improves crime reporting, which is the biggest disconnect that people have with police only about 10% of crimes get reported in the neighborhood," says Escambia Sheriff's Office Coordinator for Community Relations David Craig.


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