TAKE 5: LongHorn Steakhouse's Hickory Salt-Crusted Filet

MOBILE, Ala. -- Chef Brandon Stepp, Grill Master and Managing Partner of the LongHorn Steakhouse in Daphne, stopped by Take 5 studios to show you how to prepare a hickory salt-crusted filet.


· 4 ea. 8 oz. beef tenderloin filets

· 1 cup of hickory salt

· 1 stick of salted butter

· 2 cloves of fresh garlic, finely chopped

· 1 teaspoon lemon juice


· Clean and oil your grill, heat to 550 degrees.

· Season steaks generously with hickory salt by pressing into the meat on both sides.

· Place seasoned steaks on grill and cook for 3-4 minutes on each side until desired degree of doneness has been reached. Make quarter turns to get diamond marks.

· While the steaks are grilling, soften butter at room temperature in a small mixing bowl for 10 minutes.

· Once softened add the garlic and lemon juice. Use a fork to blend the ingredients together. Hold for service.

· Remove steaks from grill.

· Top warm steaks with softened garlic butter.

· Enjoy!

Recipe serves four.

Degrees of Doneness:

· Rare: 95-105 degrees. Cool red center.

· Medium Rare: 115-125 degrees. Warm red center with a hint of pink.

· Medium: 130-140 degrees. Warm pink center.

· Medium Well: 150-160 degrees. Some pink in the center.

· Well: 165-175 degrees. No pink, cooked all the way through.

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