Plain Gardening: Fall Perennials

John Nodar - We've been talking a lot lately on Plain Gardening about fall flowers…but they've mostly been annuals, the kind your replant each year. Today, we're talking perennials, which are plants that rebloom year after year. Gardening expert Bill Finch loves them, and so do bumblebees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

Looking for golden yellow salvia? How about Salvia Madrensis. There are also great fall-blooming salvias in red and purple. Golden glow is a daisy-like flower that grows wild all over the Mobile River Delta, and can do well in your garden, too. Another yellow beauty is Wingstem.

But Bill's real favorite is called Mistflower. As evening light comes on, the color intensifies to a beautiful deep purple-blue. It's a wildflower! Oh, and monarch butterflies can't resist it.

This type of flower is more in my wheelhouse, too, because I don't want to replant every year, and these come back each year on their own.

These plants generally bloom from September to December.

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