Faith Time: New Year's

Mobile, AL (WKRG)

Pastor Jon Seale with Spring Hill Avenue United Methodist Church joins us to talk about ringing in the New Year.  Here's a look at that conversation.

Chad: It’s New Year’s Eve--some churches not all, do watch night events--what is that?

Guest: A Watch Night event is a late-night Christian church service held on New Year’s Eve. This provides the opportunity for Christians to reflect on the year that has passed and then prepare for the year ahead by praying. A covenant renewal.

Chad: Why is it important to keep God in a New Year’s observance?

Guest: I think it’s important because this time of year is like having a reset button for a lot of people. I can’t think of a better way to start the year and renew ourselves than to give thanks and celebrate God.

Chad: How do you keep the joy of this season going through the year?

Guest: By celebrating the Gospel, the good news, throughout the year. Jesus was born and we celebrate a great light for all the world.

Chad: In what ways can ones faith help with new year’s resolutions?

Guest: It’s through our faith that we find hope, courage and especially forgiveness. Without those, it is difficult to maintain focus and move forward with anything.

Chad: From a faith perspective, what do you hope for in 2018?

Guest: I hope and pray this year that people receive Christ into their lives and develop a personal relationship with Jesus.

Chad: What do you want to remind your congregation this time of year?

Guest: That God loves them and we are all in this together. There are a lot of things broken in our world right now and I’m reminded of what a friend of mine Jeff would say, “If you are doing fine and I am doing fine, then who is messing everything up?” I want to remind them to focus on the three things that we all need in our lives this year. A relationship with God, relationship with others and a purpose bigger than ourselves.

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