Faith Time: Evangelist Crusade

Mobile, AL (WKRG) - Charles Gibbs, West Mobile Baptist Church Senior Pastor, joins us to talk about their Evangelist Crusade that starts this morning.  Here's a look at our conversation:

Chad: We wanted to talk about something your church is starting this morning called an Evangelist Crusade.  What is that?
Guest: It’s a series of meetings where the gospel is shared.
Chad:  What is your church doing for the community?
Guest: As far as this crusade is concerned, We are offering special services that are open to the public.  In a more general sense, we have ministries similar to other churches: food distribution, a clothing closet and we partner with Ransom Ministries to provide a café meal for whatever you can afford each Thursday.
Chad: What is the point of outreach like this?
Guest: To give people hope. 
Chad: How do you expand that reach of your church beyond “preaching to the choir” as it were
Guest:   We will have special emphases nights.  For example, Monday will be children’s emphasis night and Tuesday will be Youth Emphasis night.  On Wednesday evening we will have a special emphasis on families. 
Chad:  How do you define a personal relationship with the deity?
Guest:  It’s like a personal relationship with anyone.  You meet Him personally.  You acknowledge His constant presence.  You carry on a constant conversation with Him. 

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